How to record payments in QuickBooks

So now we have customers we have invoices and now we just got paid. But how do we record the QuickBooks.

Recording the payment for future use:

Online notes of your dashboard right on here invoices you might have this widget over here. Maybe over there but let’s look at it. We’ve got $190 that we have not recorded in your QuickBooks online and this is good to for customers that do not want to pay in full QuickBooks online does a good job on that. You know current balances of payments or invoices that you have out.

So let’s get into it over here to sales and let’s go to here is our woes at hundred $90. These numbers added up, and I’m sure your look yours look completely different in the gutter invoice numbers over here, it’s good to track these down to my have to search these down the line or go back in our books a year from now and it’s good that there’s always invoice numbers on or invoices anyway on the board fill.

Enter the required amount you want to record:

Let’s go ahead and collect this hundred dollars is going to click receive payment and find invoice by we just saw the numbers back there I the last article, we set up credit card payment and direct bank transfer, but I used fake information so did not allow me to use it. But if you use your real banking information. You will be able to accept it. Let’s go ahead and just click they paid us by cash and it’s good to go into our business bank account is our invoice right here you can clear the payment over here. That means get rid of it literally just is like hitting zero on the calculator or reset on a calculator.

Final Step:

If they don’t plan on paying in full make. Maybe they want to have 50 bucks well 50% will go in his assailant 50% will still remain as a balance. Very convenient QuickBooks online but they did pass $100. They paid us cash and silicone or business banking accounts only. Click save and new even though I just want to record this one okay payment received $100. Let’s go back to our dashboard and we can see that it has been recorded.

We just recorded $100 into our business banking account. We still $90 out there and to see it on paper. Maybe you want to see it in a report. Let’s just go over to profit and loss for the sake of this tutorial, let’s run this and it’s going to show up where is our hundred dollars of sale is inherent.

We had a lot of things throughout this playlist. So far, but it is in here it is in sales. That’s kind of just that again if you guys did not get paid in full others to a quick little will go back to sales were going to go to another guy. Maybe this guy 30 bucks. He can only pay is 15 he’s broke is important beans every night amount received $15.

Just like that and let’s go ahead and click save a new $15 to go in our business bank account and then we still have the balance right here of $15. That’s it. Hopefully, this made sense. Every time you get paid recorded in your QuickBooks online and try to do it. I try to do the day that I do get paid. Sometimes you will get paid or whatever then is the weekend and Monday you forget to do it in your QuickBooks numbers just get a little bit more unorganized and confusing when it comes to tax season. Hopefully, that made sense.


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