A professional accountant is very critical especially to Run Report. However, as an owner of the organisation, one should have a perfect and good knowledge of the financial status of the business. If you want to have a perfect reporting then QuickBooks has certain tools which help in providing you with the better business reports for you. But you need to learn some basics about the reporting. And once you get familiar with this, you can create numerous decisions and create a perfect accountability for your business team.

All the information which QuickBooks provide will help you in making good decisions and that too with confidence. Whether you need the short details in the form of overview or you want to get know the detailed reports, the software will help you in saving your valuable time by minimizing the errors. In this article, we are going to discuss some basic steps on creating your valuable reports:

Run The Report:

Go to the report section and select Report Center which is situated under “My Shortcuts” option on the left side of the pro account. Here are the steps:

Choose Report: On the top of the screen you will get to see a tab of Standard Reports, Favourites, Memorized Reports, Recent as well as Contributed. These reports can be divided into the following categories:


  • Buyer and receivables
  • Company
  • Sales
  • Time, mileage and jobs
  • Purchases
  • Payroll of employees
  • Accounts
  • Banking
  • Inventories
  • Budgets
  • Vendors

You have to click on the category that you want to run.

Selecting Date Range: Next, you have to select the date range that you want to make the report. However, you can put the dates manually or you can choose the default date option.

Run Report: After that, you will be able to view four icons given below.

  • The green option runs the report, whereas the second option provides you with the detailed information. The heart option is the favourite option of yours which you mark as favourite. The question mark option is the help menu. When you good to go, just click on the green option.


Choosing Report Basis: Next step is choosing the basis of the report. There are two options available and those are cash basis or accrual basis.

Adjusting Filters:  Click on the “show filter” option. You can delete the filter if you want to

Verifying Date Range: If you have selected a particular date, you can directly move to the next step. But if you have not done that, then you have to select a date type.



Selecting the columns: You can choose from the columns given below in your report in the next step:


  1. Day
  2. Total
  • Week
  1. Two weeks
  2. Four weeks
  3. Month
  • Half month
  • Year
  1. Quarter
  2. Employee
  3. Seller
  • Payee
  • Item type
  • Terms
  1. Shipping type
  • Payment mode
  • Class

Commenting on Report: The software provides you with an option to write a comment on your each and every report. Click on the “Comment on Report” option in the top left and then click the chat bubble that you want to comment and then save it.

Repeat all the above-mentioned steps any time you wish to create a new report.


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