To access your prior year return. You’ll have to add plus and pay will hope you do it. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll actually be doing your taxes right now.

Steps to be followed:

  • First select start with free addition.
  • Then select continue and continue again.
  • Scroll down and select keep plus then choose to continue on the just checking in.
  • Page select continue then scroll down and continue once more once for speeding you towards the finish line, scroll down and select continue once more.
  • If you get the sign now save time later option continue then scroll down either type the information.
  • And select continue or choose no things to do it right before you file your taxes.
  • You’ve now added.
  • Plus, let’s go ahead and pay select file then go to start and view payment options, enter information and select pay now.
  • Finally, to get your prior year return go to tax home and look under your tax returns and documents for more answers to your questions.
  • Visit support

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