QuickBooks Online allows you to set up additional users to access your data and also potentially enter transactions. You can access your list of users by selecting the gear icon and then choosing to manage users from here you can see the master admin account which is the email address you used.

How to add and edit: Steps

  • To set up your QuickBooks online company it also sees any accounting firms that you’ve invited in your company file.
  • Click invite accountant to invite more to set up a new user that is not your accountant
  • Click new.
  • From here you select the type of user.
  • You want to create regular customers which are allowed to log in your company file.
  • Enter some transactions dipping upon the access levels you assign company administrator, which are able to log in and basically enter any transaction reports the only user which are able to log in and only look at reports or time tracking only users which are only able to log in and enter time for themselves.

You can have as many reports only in time tracking users as you want to but you are limited in the number of regular customer users and copy administrators based upon your subscription level but set up a regular custom user and then click next to choose the access rights for the user year setting up you can give them access to all transactions. Or you can limit their access to just customers and sales or just vendors and purchases. Note that whenever you select one of the access levels.

QuickBooks lists all the things that they do and do not have access to on the right and the next rain. QuickBooks also asked whether or not this user should be able to fill out their own timesheet and if so, you can choose their name from the list of employees or vendors that you have in your company.

  • Then we click next and here you can select between different administrative rights to give or not give to the user. You’re setting up.
  • Finally, you enter the email address and name of the user that you’re setting up in QuickBooks.
  • Then click next.
  • And now, the user will be sent an email confirming the user ID and allowing them to set up a password.
  • Click finish.
  • And once they’ve answered their email they can then log into quick books online and access anything that you give them access to.
  • If at any time you need to edit the user or delete them.
  • You can also select them from this list and then click either edit or delete make your company more efficient by inviting more users into QuickBooks online



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