How to automatically email reports in QuickBooks

Once you save your customizations for a report. You can have QuickBooks automatically email that report to you on a set basis.

Easy steps for the beginners:

  • First, go to the report centre and then click custom reports.
  • We created a report called the profit and loss for last quarter and we want this to be sent out to us every three months to do that.
  • Click edit the report name report group and who the report is shared with already filled out.
  • But by clicking this toggle, we can tell QuickBooks to automatically email this report to us whenever we want.
  • Scrolling down from here.
  • You choose how often you want the report to be emailed daily, weekly, monthly or twice a month and you can also tell QuickBooks to skip periods for us.
  • We want to receive this every three months.
  • From here you can choose a day of the week but would like to have this report sent to us on the first day of every month.
  • It also tells QuickBooks to stop sending you this report by an end date or after a number of occurrences we want this report forever so will choose non-here.
  • Further down the page.
  • You then enter the email address or multiple email addresses that you want this report sent to you can separate multiple email addresses with comments or you can click on CC to enter carbon copies.
  • Then you can set the subject line for the emails that deliver the report as well as the body of the email down the very bottom.
  • You can also choose for QuickBooks to attach this report as an Excel file to the emails.
  • Once you’re done, click save and close now QuickBooks shows that this report will be emailed out every three months.

Now, instead of running the report ourselves every quarter we just have QuickBooks email it to us


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