How to backup QuickBooks Online

What doesn’t get talked about setting a proper inventory but I wanted to make a quick read on how I back my QuickBooks up every month. Yes I know it’s a cloud-based accounting software that I can log in you from any computer in the world. But what is your counterattacked working she to print something out?

Some important points:

  • Well at the end of every month I download all my vendors.
  • My general ledgers. Customers invoice is free much everything that keeps his company going to float at the end of every month.
  • So what I do and you might have Microsoft Excel you might not actually don’t. I use pages or numbers, it’s a comet CSV a comma-separated values software so just anything you got on reports this and that was going to expenses will go to vendors we use vendors for the example over here expenses vendors.
  • We created a couple vendors right okay so this is the one that auto-populated like one of her first videos so the right-hand side over here you see these three links.
  • One of them’s a printer pretty some explanatory. One of them’s a download thing I’ve actually never seen it go a little arrogant of the right like that. Here’s the gear thing, can often think what I am settings.
  • What I do is I click on this export to Excel. I do this for all the major open file with numbers. I do this with all of the major things in any unit, opens up like that.
  • So again if you are counterattacked, you have the stuff if you before I print something out.
  • I was just downloaded first so I just have it kiss my account does get hacked, that’s can it just real quick video vendors are huge.

I highly recommend saving your vendors to your desktop. Balance is general ledgers for any report. It’s just this icon right over here. That is how I back up my everything my life my livelihood QuickBooks online quick video nonstock about inventory



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