How to create custom invoice in QuickBooks

We will learn how to create an invoice and send it so we can get paid, but the invoice looked very funky and unprofessional. In this article, were to spice it up and make it much more appealing to our customers

So I’m not sure if you’re with me a couple articles ago were we made custom estimates but it’s pretty much the exact same things was overdue sales customers.

Steps to create customized invoice:

  • Click on one of these options you can always click create invoice from here from the drop-down menu and in the bottom, middle.
  • It should say customize right here. Let’s click on that and let’s click on new style altogether and will just call this my invoice number one: number one, number one template so got a break and we got design content emails stored about the payments yet it’s directed transfer or how to collect credit cards or bank cards will talk about that in the next article.
  • Let’s focus on these three right now design content in emails, change of your template. This is fully paid and will have video looks funky. This is what it looked like from the last of the stuff’s auto-populated change the template every modern freshman bull looks okay but doesn’t have her logo on it.
  • Make logo edits show logo yes make a little bit smaller centre-left Netscape on the right-hand side maybe sure colours look completely different than mine.
  • What if you rock like a Home Depot orange, some like that that looks very it just looks funky of my logo be my colour I would go back to that. That’s a change of colour.
  • You can select a different font.
  • You also an option to print it out so you could see it in person, not just VA on your computer screen content.
  • This is what you want and what you do not want your invoice to display you click on you got three little arrows over here you’ve got your numbers you got your terms, your memo is your due dates.
  • Payment methods did you recently change your address and I you need to update it shows discounts deposits get rid of the stuff that you do not need SKU number gonad that you sell other products and services amount rate quantity this and that play around with it and the bottom down here we have here is our discounts and deposits we can put that in.

Do you offer discounts to offer deposits do you want to throw in the footer text. Thank you for your business. 20% off of your referrals or promotional codes this and that. So this go-ahead was because thank you for your business.

Thank you for your business shown up there in the footer to make a little bit bigger just like that of the six night and day better than what we had before. Thank you for your business. Larry’s hotdogs invoice 12345, not I can make a loaded smaller let’s go back to my make the logo little bit smaller. There is 123455. The bottom felt funky but for the sake of tutorial. I’m not in a way she has time will just have to there is invoice them right there playground that there’s no right or wrong, this looks pretty good for small business. This is not the Apples go ahead and click done bottom right corner and so when you’re back to this and what you want to do is you will pull up an invoice or something you credit for.

It Artie shows up right there number one template and that is it. That is how we created a custom invoice in yeah custom invoice in QuickBooks online add stuff to it, save, and send it and it can show up in that person’s email that is how you create a custom invoice in QuickBooks online. Good luck with this yes no great next couple article we are to talk about how to accept credit card payments had a clip from 50 how to collect 50% out and 50% later. Maybe it’s the COD cash on a delivery transaction and how to receive or record your payments in a QuickBooks online you been great.


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