How to receive and collect credit cards and transfers in QuickBooks

Back show you how to collect credit card payments as well as direct bank transfer, which is free, and lastly, I stated that it’s always best to receive a check or cash, but sometimes it’s just not the that convenient lot of places they don’t accept credit cards. They don’t like to pay that 3% merchant services fee or a lot of times they do, they have like a minimum you going to mom-and-pop place $10 minimum 15 $20 minimum. Because every time you swipe that merchant services take the third 3% to be $0.30 $0.50 big transactions could be dollars at the end of the month. That adds up. Long story short, they take three dollars per transaction three is a lot of businesses that cash only. They don’t pay that and it’s easier to hide paying taxes, you could pay a lot less of you except cash you knew that for me.

Steps which are needed to be followed:

  • Let’s get into it back to the situation and I’m just going create a new invoice from the top women sales and invoices right here.
  • Select the customer.
  • We were using a couple of fake customers throughout the last couple of videos, product and service is the bronze package from Moses the full carwash with two layers wax coating free bank transfer present explanatory you put in your bank account number and your routing number and credit cards, tiers or 3% moving to set both of these up with getting set up so just go ahead and click send and save it can send this to this link. Anyways, get set up to take a few minutes.
  • Send and save bottom right, make sure you have the correct email here that is how they are going to get noticed that you did something for them, product or service wise and now you want your money, give me my money now subject this and that online payment yes free bank transfer. It’s good too because couple years ago QuickBooks to charge $0.50 per transfer and that happens and what a couple business days.
  • This happens almost instantaneously. While it’s they front the money to you but it really doesn’t go through for a couple days. It gives you the benefit of the doubt though.
  • Don’t focus on what I just said click on send and close now to take us to here we go invoice finished set up. We do have a bank already set up letters hotdogs this and that was good to go. How much you think you’ll be processing monthly lesson five grand. Yeah, that’s fair to say we are a small business but make sure to be the huge business.
  • Click on next right there. No, fill in all this stuff on FS for the video you can fill out that information can ask for your EI and make sure you have that and that’s can take you this morning. Fast forward again all rights when we get past the first two form to fill out an hour at our bank, add your bank account number.
  • I’m just going to do my Gran the first check in looking at right here on the fast for this part bank account number goes right here routing is right here you take a second or two away for moment way.
  • Look at your info. There’s no easy way to do this. Okay, so I got this right here excited you some of my personal information. It did throwback. I haven’t seen this before because on my real QuickBooks online.
  • I did not use my personal information or fictitious information. This looks a little bit fishy though, but that’s can it once you know that it will verify it and you will be allowed to click on payments.
  • You will have the option to send the credit card invoices. That’s it.

Hope hopefully this article made sense out of the news or not. That’s it. Good luck with this and see as an expert or we talked about receiving payments and handling 50% upfront and 50% cash on delivery.


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