How to send sales receipt in QuickBooks

What is sales receipt?

I think this is on our guys will be back soon as you relearn how to create and send a sales receipt people are you, whether it is illegal or not you give a customer a receipt and really quick when you do not get receipts like you don’t get one to buy a lotto ticket put a dollar in the vending machine you are knocking get a receipt you go to a farmers market and you may or may not get a receipt. Anyway, I think it’s bad business not to give a customer a receipt. So let’s learn how to give our customers receipt and QuickBooks online okay so from the top.

How to send the sales receipt: Steps

I’m in dashboard right now I’m in a click on this + right there in the top right going.

Click on that customer’s invoice received payment.

We learned how to do all of these things except a refund when I can focus on delayed credit or charge, but we will learn how to refund.

Now let’s go to sales receipt and it’s kind of the same template we’ve seen this if you can follow along with this playlist, whether it’s an invoice or an estimate it’s pretty much the same user interface to the customer to get a new one. Freddy Krueger John struggle email or give any doubt that so they can get it payment method will not deal with payment rushing to show improvement. They bought something.

Let’s go ahead and type and bronze package that was it. Message paid in full.

As a matter of just cannot fall just like that and then down in the bottom right that is pretty much, it is easy as a tutorial can get.

And this is their sales receipt letters hotdogs this and that sale that got the date on it. This is what they paid. This is we could customize the sale. She would get balance due off their if there is not a balance opposite.

It is balanced I would have this on there but I do not want a balance showing of 0.00 for a sales receipt. Send it to close it. That is it.

The cheque is in the mail and whatever their QuickBooks online will be performing and talking out QuickBooks on when services will be performing scheduled maintenance.

Yet at this and that during this time unavailable for 30 minutes of canted tutorials by then that’s it. See with email. Looks like and you guys officially learned how to create a sales receipt QuickBooks online and send it to them via email or you print out to send you in person on the next we’ll talk about how to offer a refund, give them the money back from a transaction that we already recorded and entered in QuickBooks online into our business bank account.



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