Quickbooks for Mac is a renowned accounting software which is developed as well as marketed by Intuit. Intuit is a US-based organisation as well as the financial software company. Generally, QuickBooks programs are designed for medium and sometimes for small-scale businesses. The software helps in accessing tasks such as cloud-based versions which manage bill payments, payroll functions and manage various other accounting applications.


QuickBooks software for Mac version is basically a locally installed program which has been designed with the best quality features of QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks pro versions. However, the Mac version of QuickBooks is definitely very easy to use. It will help in accessing various features such as managing inventory, job costing, creating invoices, bank reconciliation statements, payroll tracking and various other financial records.


Price of QuickBooks Mac:

Well, the QuickBooks for Mac version is just a one-time purchase which will cost you around $299.95. This is because the software keeps on changing its features after a year itself. The plus point about its Mac version is that the company often sells the Mac software at a discounted price. You can purchase the software from the Intuit store or if you are not willing to purchase it online, then you can even buy it from a local office store.


However, the company offers 60 days customer satisfaction guarantee. But if you are not satisfied with the service of the software, then you can easily return it to the company. The good part about it is that you will get the full refund amount. Further, intuit even provides to it customer a 30 days free trial through which the user can get the easy access to the software. For using the 30 days free trial, the user need not have to provide his or her credit card information which many software companies ask for using their free trial. Moreover, the user can also uninstall the program whenever he or she wants to.


  • Features of the program:
  • Helps in organising various expenses.
  • Connecting credit card as well as bank account information for the automatic categorization.
  • Helps in tracking inventories easily.
  • Controls the complete cash flow statement of the business or organisation.
  • Helps in managing the bills that you own.
  • Creating a customized invoice and sales invoice which helps in estimating the reputation of your organisation.
  • Helps in adding the pay button for creating online invoices through which customers can easily pay with the debit card as well as credit cards and even interbank transfer.
  • Creating paperless receipts.

Software and Hardware Requirements:

The QuickBooks software for Mac version supports with macOS Sierra, OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), Microsoft Excel (2011) for sending invoices. The user can access the following email programs:


  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac (v15)
  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac (2011)


QuickBooks payroll for Mac version helps in calculating various accounting information such as taxes and deductions. It even reminds the user about the taxes which are yet to be paid. There are basically two plans available through which the user can get the extra benefits and the plans are:


Basic Plan: $25 per month


Enhanced Plan: $39 per month


Both the plans offer 30 days free trial to its users.


Additional Users Plan: For the second user, the software charges $9 per month. And if the account has the third user, then it will cost around $170 per month.


However, the upgraded version will cost $299 annually.


Customer Care Support:

If the user is willing to get phone support, it will cost $89 every three months. These are the actual price which is being advertised by the QuickBooks. For more details Call: 1-888-509-7040.


The company also provides hosting service which will cost an additional amount of $749.95 annually. To avail this benefit, the user needs to go to their online service.


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