Quickbooks Maximizing tax deduction

 During the financial year ending, it becomes for each and every business the annual tax return. So in this article, we are going to discuss maximizing tax deduction. Here are some of the tips and tricks for maximising tax deduction during the year-end:

Postpone Income:

The more you earn, the more you have to pay tax. However, it is also true that you have to pay tax at one point in time. A good idea is to postpone or defer the taxes for few months as a tax break. You as a self-employed person can provide the bills to your customers a bit later than the usual date. But the employees cannot do that because they work as a full-time job which will create trouble in postponing the salary payments. However, they can request their employer to provide their bonuses after the arrival of the new financial year.

Itemized Deduction:

You as a taxpayer can decide to file either the itemized deductions or the Preset standard deduction which provide the details of your expenses all throughout the year. This is because you can just deduct the expenses of yours, but to maximize your tax savings, you can consider bunched itemized deductions.

Sell off the bad investments:

If you fail to win money in the stock market in the current financial year, you can literally take an idea that you have at least one chance to celebrate at the end of the year when the tax season comes. And to minimize your taxable incomes, you need to ditch your bad investments before the income tax department start calling you. Which is also called “loss harvesting”. This step will decrease the air of bad investment experience of yours by lowering the amount. While in some specific cases, you can even get the refund amount in case of face the loss.


Increasing the savings:

This step is very important if you are actually want to lower your tax burden. Whereas saving the money for your future can help you in diminishing your taxable income. This is because you do not have to pay any tax on your savings until and unless you decide to withdraw that particular amount.


Doing charity:

Many celebrities nowadays follow the method to minimize their tax deductions. The end of the financial year is the right time to do charities and donations. You can help the poor people and at the same time, you can reduce your yearly tax burden. The donation will, in fact, help you in getting rid of the cash influx as well as you enjoy the tax reduction. And one thing you have to make sure that, you have to do charities and donations in renowned and reputed NGOs.


These are some of the steps which you can follow to increase and maximise your tax deduction. By employing these smart tips and tricks, you can see a significant impact on your financial status. But you need to take time to properly examine the factors when the question arrives of tax filings.


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