QuickBooks Receving and sending invoices

The function of receiving and sending invoices in QuickBooks is often ignored, misused and even sometimes it happens that the entire steps are just the never followed till the end. There are various mistakes which occur such as misusing the function of invoicing as well as the entire list. which are associated with the account which sometimes can cause havoc in the accounting chart of yours? And moreover ignoring and misusing of that invoice function can create misunderstanding in your complete accounting chart such as the due payments of the customers. And if you are unable to follow the steps properly, it will lead to exaggerated accounts receivable. But by following the steps which are mentioned below can actually simplify your day to day accounting data chart as well as the yearly balance sheet of your business.:


  • Before you decide to send an invoice to your buyer, you should first create various services to make your list crowded or populated. So let’s just start with the basics. For creating the service of web designing, you just have to go to the top and click on the list option. There you will find pull-down option, you have to click on that menu. Then just click on the right click option and select an option named ‘New’. A fresh window will come up which you need to fill in. You have to fill all the required details which they ask for such as Item name and number, cost per hour as well as the total amount. In the account name, you have to mention that specific income details and you are ready to go.
  • The second step is to create the customer account. So for that, you have to select the customer icon and then you have to right click the New customer option. Here is where you can specify the customer’s name and then create an invoice. Then the basic invoice details are now ready to go.
  • Generally, each and every type of organisation send invoices to its customer in either by digital mode or by providing a hard copy. And QuickBooks can create both of them. You can send the invoice digitally by emailing it to the customer or by printing the hardcopy offline.
  • After receiving the payments, the customer will pay you the amount either by credit card or by cash, etc. And QuickBooks has all these features. Right-click the customer option and click on the receive payment option. There you can fill up all the details such as payment details either by cash or credit or debit card.
  • When all these steps are done, the last step will be sending the receipt to your customer. Just double the paid invoice option and like the previous step, you have to print the hard copy or send it via email.

So these are all the basic steps on adding the services for populating your invoice details, creating the invoice as well as receiving the payments from the buyer and finally sending the receipt.

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